Aaron Saude: Thriving in Minnesota's Outdoor Playground with ALINE Insoles

My name is Aaron Saude. I operate a website that promotes outdoor activity in Minnesota. I also am a Snowkite Team Rider for Peter Lynn Kiteboarding based out of the Netherlands. In the winter when the lakes freeze a frozen playground opens up when the wind blows and we shred the open space with large kites and snowboards and skis. Failing big jumps means smashing into the rock hard ice so I have established a relationship with a skilled chiropractor to put me back together.


peter lynn snow kite

My chiropractor Mike Olson at Bigfork Valley suggested I get fitted for some ALINEs. In the activities I participate in, balance is key. The day after I got them I went on a trek across Lake of the Woods in northern MN I slipped my ALINEs into my tele boots and pulled a 50 pound sled 20 miles across the frozen wasteland. 


people walking through snow


person laying on snow


I noticed a huge difference in my foot alignment while nordic skiing. So I moved them to my snowboard boots. I found that I could ride longer in my boots and felt less fatigue while kiting.

Unfortunately they don't help the hurt that comes with failed landings on my I use my ALINEs in every piece of footwear equipment I have now.I consider them just as important as the laces, straps, or buckles that make them work. If they are missing a pair of ALINEs, they just aren't as functional. Thanks ALINE for making my feet happy! back, good thing I have Mike Olson to fix that!