ALINE: Elevating Performance at ESPN's 2009 Winter X-Games with Advanced Insoles

Marblehead, MA - After two years of outfitting many of the world’s best winter athletes with “The World’s Most Advanced Insole,” the ALINE team will be helping athletes go faster, higher and farther at ESPN’s 2009 Winter X-Games in Aspen, CO. The ALINE team will be set up in the competitor’s lounge throughout the weeklong event to provide lower leg alignment checks, ALINE insole fittings, and boot/footwear services. ALINE Systems is the designer and producer of the “BFAST” foot suspension insole system, which allows natural lower leg alignment for vastly improved performance, power and balance. ALINE-equipped athletes already have won over two dozen X-Games medals, the majority of which came from Winter X events like snowboarding, freeski, and snowcross. “ALINE works because it balances the foot while still allowing natural motion,” says Derek Carroll, ALINE’s founder and president, “We’ve helped numerous athletes grab X-Games gold, and we want to continue breaking performance barriers this year in Aspen. The ALINE insole system benefits athletes of all abilities by optimizing their foot and lower leg alignment to stop excessive pronation and other misalignments. The laser-assisted "ALINER" device quickly and easily measures foot size and ankle/knee position. In just minutes, the athlete can see exactly where his or her alignment should be. And the ALINE suspension insoles allow this optimization to occur naturally. For more on ALINE, visit or call 800-736-9005.

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Derek Carroll ALINE Systems, Inc. 30 Doaks Lane Marblehead, MA 01945 800-736-9005 ext. 111