ALINE Gets a Warm Welcome at Summer X Games 18

Road notes from Team Aline

So we’ve kicked off our trip to the Summer X Games 18, and so far, we’ve been sitting in Los Angeles traffic, skating Venice beach and running into Olympians and athletes alike all over the city as anticipation rises. Yesterday we started our first day of the games off by fitting three Olympic speed skaters for ALINEs:Joey Linsey, Andrew Astalos and Alex Mark. We’ve noticed recently that it seems like Olympians seem to come to us in groups, Tomuke Ebuwet and Sarah Gascon who will be taking ALINE all the way to London when they compete next month in the Handball events. 

olympians holding aline insoles
Even though the sun started to really beat down on us, our co-founder and fit Guru Gordon fit athletes in the registration area at the Staples Center where he was warmly greeted by professional BMX rider Kevin Robinson, a long time ALINE athlete, and X Games Hosts Alex Curry and Sal Masekela. Still rocking his pair from the last games, Kevin immediately popped off his shoes and shouted, “Gordon! You would be proud of me!” As he pulled out his old (and seriously ready to be updated) ALINE’s from his shoes. So far we’ve gotten to see a ton of our athletes from last year, but we’d like to wish a happy three year anniversary to skateboard big air: Jussi Korhonen, skateboard street Evelien Bouillart and vert skateboarder Mimi Knoop. We’ve also acquired some new blood in the athlete pool, like BMX park rider Pat Casey, skateboard big air Jake Brown, who got gold two years ago in X Games 16, and pro soccer player Davis Paul from the Chicago Fire who stopped by to get ALINE’d. 
casey, brown, paul holding aline insoles
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