ALINE Saves the day at day two of X

Day two was another raging day and ALINE was in the right place with the goods to make everything good in the world of X.

Bob Burnquist suffered a bruised heel during the skateboard big air practice earlier in the week. His team at Medicine and Motion called upon Team ALINE to do what we do best. Gordon was there with custom sole protection which helped Burnquist take the gold medal in last nights big air final. (Bob Burnquist Crash)

Bob Burnquist plans on coming to ALINE today for more custom work and we hope he brings his medal to show off!

Another ALINE athlete, Nolan Munroe at the ripe old age of 18, landed the biggest air of 22.5 ft out of the quarter pipe in the competition. He was hooked up with ALINE the day before and managed to score a bronze medal in his first appearance at summer X.Stay close as we update more on medals and stories from ALINE at X Games.