ALINE Still On Top at Tignes X-Games!



Years ago, when Co-Founder and extreme sport enthusiast Gordon Hay, was designing some of the first ALINE prototypes (using scrap plastic and bar napkins), he had one goal in mind: for extreme athletes to be able to "Go hard and land soft."

Athletes want to perform better to become the best at what they do, and after years of experience and product development, we are proud to have mastered a high-tech insole product that so many have found essential to their training and performance.

It means so much to us when we hear our professional athletes gloating about how ALINE has helped them train harder, train longer, and achieve their professional goals. But what is more rewarding than a compliment? That's easy: the hardware.

ALINE would like to congratulate all of the X Games Tignes competitors, and give a special shout to those competing in perfect ALINEment. ALINE athletes took 5 out of 8 Gold Medals and a total of 13 out of 24 podium spots overall!

See below for the full list of ALINE X Games Royalty

Men's Ski Superpipe:

    • Gold - Torrin Yater-Wallace (USA)
    • Silver - David Wise (USA)
    • Bronze - Kevin Rolland (FRA)
Men's Ski Slopestyle:
    • Silver - Jossi Wells (NZL)
Men's SNB Superpipe:
    • Gold - Louis Vito (USA)
Men's SNB Slopestyle:
    • Gold - Sebastian Toutant (CAN)
Women's Ski Superpipe:
    • Bronze - Maddie Bowman (USA)
Women's Ski Slopestyle:
    • Gold - Kaya Turski (CAN)
Women's SNB Superpipe:
    • Silver - Elena Hight (USA)
    • Bronze - Arielle Gold (USA)
Women's SNB Slopestyle:
    • Gold - Silje Norendal (NOR)
    • Silver - Jamie Anderson (USA)
    • Bronze - Kjersti Oestgaard Buaas (NOR)
Hopefully our winter success will carry over to the Summer X Games! If you want access to the same products as the pros, check out to shop online today.