ALINE Systems and New England PGA: Partnering for Peak Performance in Golf

Marblehead, MA - ALINE Systems, Inc. and the New England Professional Golfers Association are pleased to announce a partnership to benefit the health and performance of area golfers. The two Massachusetts-based organizations are dedicated to enhancing golfers’ enjoyment of the game. ALINE benefits players of all abilities by checking—and optimizing—their foot and lower leg alignment. The laser-assisted “ALINER” devices quickly and easily measures foot size and ankle/knee position. In just minutes, the golfer can see exactly where his or her alignment should be. And good alignment means stability, balance and maximum power transfer. Once you “know your line,” ALINE has developed suspension insoles that align and stabilize your foot while still allowing its parts to move as nature intended. So more lower leg energy goes directly into the swing, instead of wearing out the foot and ankle structures. “ALINE has shown their product to be a very effective tool in helping golfers create the right foundation to play,” says Nathan Robbins, Executive Director of the New England PGA, “The system is easy to understand—-before you try the insole you can see how out of whack your frame is...and once you step on the ALINE insole and the feed back is immediate!” The New England Professional Golfers' Association (New England PGA) is a non-profit association that has been making the game of golf better for over 80 years. The New England section consists of over 750 PGA class A golf professionals and at over 450 golf facilities in five states—Rhode Island, Vermont, New Hampshire, Massachusetts & Maine. These facilities include public, private and resort golf courses, teaching centers, and driving ranges. Since opening its doors in early 2006, ALINE has been quickly adopted by golfers at the highest levels, and has won a “Best in Show” award from the 2007 PGA Merchandise show. PGA players D.J. Trahan and Rory Sabbatini have won Tour events on ALINE, and numerous NCAA Division 1 golf teams have purchased the product for their players. “We’re thrilled to be working with the New England PGA,” says Derek Carroll, president of ALINE, “Both of our organizations are dedicated to creating a solid foundation for the game of golf. I can’t imagine a more natural partnerhip.” The ALINE insole system benefits athletes of all abilities by optimizing their foot and lower leg alignment to stop excessive pronation and other misalignments. The laser-assisted "ALINER" device quickly and easily measures foot sze and ankle/knee position. In just minutes, the athlete can see exactly where his or her alignment should be. And the ALINE suspension insoles allow this optimization to occur naturally. For more on ALINE, visit or call 800-736-9005.

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