Kenyan National 4x400 Sprint Team: Making Waves and Achieving ALINEment at IMG Academy

Jonna and Kenyan 4x400 Team

Kenya’s Olympic 4x400 Squad and ALINE Make a “Splash” at IMG Academy

Strolling across the nation’s most prestigious athletic training facility, IMG Academy in Bradenton, Fla., you are bound to see some of today’s most recognizable and exciting athletes preparing, training, and sweating through one of IMG Academy’s many renowned and grueling training programs. As upcoming professional combines and drafts; Olympic events; and other serious career endeavors grow closer, so does preparation intensity and concentration at IMG Academy. Yet, one particular group of athletes stood out and made a “splash” with their program on campus this summer.  After meeting with and fitting the visiting Kenyan National 4x400 Sprint Team with their first pair of ALINEs, brand rep Jonna Pento had only this to say about the visiting Olympians, “I am in awe.”

Initially recruited to IMG Academy by Coach Loren Seagrave, arguably one of the most decorated speed coaches on the planet, Alphas Kishoyian, Newton Rottich, Boniface Mweresa, and Vincent Koskei have been learning and training alongside some of the US’ top sprinters and trainers during their time on campus. Their burning speed on the track and incredible natural ability has attracted plenty of attention, yet the inseparable crew became known for something slightly different.  At midday, you won’t find the team sweating on the track, in the weight room, nor receiving treatment from one of the many elite sports physicians.  No, midday at IMG Academy alongside the country’s athletic elite, the Kenyan National 4x400 Sprint Team was found making a splash in one of the academy’s premier pools, simply enjoying the impressive facilities and life down at IMG Academy.

Alphas, Newton, Boniface, and Vincent, four of the fastest built humans on the planet, quickly established themselves at IMG Academy, becoming equally famous for their lighthearted, easygoing, and approachable personalities as their track talents. When Jonna Pento, ALINE Brand Manager stationed at IMG Academy, met with the team for their official ALINE fitting, he found that the Kenyans continued to prove what ALINE has found time and time again while working with elite athletes; the most proficient and successful have the greatest natural ALINEment!   Alphas, the fastest of the group, had impressive natural posture, while the largest, Newton, was plagued by collapsed arches and medial drifts.  After ALINE insoles were applied, all four teammates were measured to have near-perfect alignment. We are incredibly excited to have worked with these world class athletes and gentleman, and look forward to watching their improvement with their new ALINEment technology.

“To put it simply, that’s why we are here. We aim to level the playing field, not just for the elite but for everyone,” stated Jonna, reflecting on ALINE as a whole. “This product is being used with success by the best, and we are here to provide it for the masses. We have the technology and ability to bring nearly EVERYONE into ALINEment!” he added passionately.

The Kenyan National Team made a lasting impact on IMG Academy and the ALINE staff, and we are both looking forward to seeing the impact ALINE might have on them…whether it be through world records, or simply the 2,000,000 steps per year they will now take in perfect ALINEment.

by Greg Rothman and Kathryn McGonagle