Killer Startups: Getting Realigned with ALINE Shoe Inserts

Article by Steve Dixon

Many times, consumers purchase footwear based on style and popularity of shoe brand rather than with the thought of foot health in mind. ALINE Systems sells products designed to assist in correcting the damage that results from years of wearing shoes that may look good enough in the fashion magazines, but lead to long term foot problems from forcing the 26 bones in each foot out of alignment. ALINE insoles, available for purchase on Aline.Com, gently permit feet, ankles and lower legs to realign themselves naturally the more an individual wears the specially made shoe inserts.

Made with ALINE’s patented Bilateral Foot Alignment System technology, these insoles boast a construction of lycra, nylon and coolmax, a fabric created for athletes that keeps moisture away from the body and closer to the outer air for quick evaporation. Athletes of all types regularly use and swear by the insoles and socks sold by the Massachusetts based company that offers easy purchasing on their website, AlineInsoles.Com. Championship golfers and skiers use these products, as do motocross racers, joggers, snowboarders and hikers.

The need for foot health, rejuvenation and comfort, however, extend beyond the world of competition and sports and even regular, everyday men and women can find benefit in inserting the insoles into their shoes for everyday activities. Especially those needing to stand on their feet for extended periods of time. The American Podiatric Medical Association states that millions of Americans suffer foot problems from the shoes they wear, quite a large market of people for ALINE’s founders Derek Carroll, Keith Orr and Gordon Hay to target their products and online presence, at