ALINE Provides Insoles at Summer X Games

Marblehead — For the fifth year, ALINE Systems of Marblehead has been appointed as the foot-services provider for the Summer X Games 18, to be held this year in Los Angeles. At last year’s games, ALINE-supported athletes were seen on 11 of the Summer X Games’ 18 winners’ podiums. ALINE is one of a very small group of companies allowed by ESPN to work directly with the X Games athletes in their lounges, and is the only foot-support provider at the games. ALINE provides its revolutionary and patented “Foot Suspension Technology” to athletes including Travis Pastrana, Bucky Lasek, Steve McCann and Aaron Homoki, to help them perform and stay healthy. “I genuinely believe that the foot and its proper function is critical to the performance of these athletes,” said ALINE President Derek Carroll. “X Games athletes test their bodies to the limits, and ALINE is there to help them perform. A misaligned lower body reduces an athlete’s control and performance, and leads to increased wear and tear on the body. A few millimeters of misalignment or loss of foot control can lead to a huge loss and can cost any of these athlete’s a medal. There’s no better arena for extreme athletes to use and contribute to our ongoing development, and we’re looking forward to our athletes’ continued successes.” ALINE explains it dynamic Foot Suspension Technology enables athletes’ arches to reshape and align their feet for better overall performance. ALINE also provides lower-body analysis to all the athletes, educating them about their biomechanics and how to improve them.


ALINE’s patented insole technologies were developed with the help of thousands of people, from X Games athletes to NFL teams to PGA Tour pros to Olympians. ALINEs are neither an insole nor a foot bed nor an orthotic device. Instead, ALINEs are a foot-alignment-and-support system that positions and suspends the foot inside a sports shoe or boot for maximum efficiency and power transfer, according to the company. ALINE said its unique foot-suspension system benefits athletes of all abilities by optimizing their foot and lower-leg alignment to stop excessive pronation and other misalignments. By Staff Reporter at Marblehead Reporter