ALINE at Summer X Games

Road notes from Team ALINE

At X Games 18, ALINE was so impressed and thankful for everyone’s welcoming attitudes and cooperation. It was a long and hot day for Team ALINE in Los Angeles but the tent stayed cool and we continued to ALINE and educate incredible amounts of X Games competitors like Steve McCann, Pierre-Luc Gagnon and Massimo Bianconcini.

We ended up front and center for the opening press conference that was held no further then 30 feet from the ALINE fit stand. Danny Chi, Director of Public and Media Relations for ESPN’s X Games opened the floor and introduced ESPN’s Vice President of X Games Events, Chris Stiepock. The focus was primarily on the expansion of ESPN’s global presence, which will include new events in Germany, Spain and Brazil. He also explained that X Games is expanding into film, music and style to create a “lifestyle” of action and alternative sports. We can’t wait to be involved with all the exciting expansions!

The press conference included many ALINE Athletes. Pierre-Luc Gagnon commented that “I just love skateboarding, I love going to the ramp everyday trying to learn new tricks and push myself, it is always a challenge. I am so happy to be here and I want to keep doing it as long as I can.” He also mentioned his disappointment with the absences of Sean White in the competition this year. “It’s always good to have him here; our friendly rivalry always creates a big buzz around our event every year.” xgames18-13-groupLong time ALINE Athlete Steve McCann has been living at Camp Woodward since the summer started and he has been riding everything it has to offer to prepare for X Games. “Dirt, park, street, vert, it’s all there. Every aspect of BMX is amazing to me, the same with all the other sports out there. It always amazes me to see people throw down and push the limits of everything they have ever wanted to do.”

The queen of moto Tara Gieger was also asked how she prepared for the endure course this year. She admitted up until last week she hadn’t even stepped on an endure course since last year. “A couple days of going over logs and rocks and try to emulate things I would find on the course, but you never know till you get there. Racing is a lot different than getting over the obstacles.” Tara was cool and collected with her hat on backwards at the press conference as if there was no pressure to defend her previous X titles.

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