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Over 12 Years
In the Making

At the heart of ALINE is a passion for people to live better quality lives!

Since 2005, we have studied the way people walk, run, and live and we realized how poorly people move. Our ability to move freely and effectively depends on our foundation… our feet.

ALINEs are the only insoles that allow your feet to move freely, restoring your barefoot function and lower body alignment. Our revolutionary technology is not only changing the industry, it’s changing lives!

We may have over15 Olympic Medals, 12 PGA Tour Events, and 100 X Games Medals under our belt, but our greatest accomplishment is keeping you moving and doing the activities you love.

We're on a Mission

We’re changing the insole industry one customer at a time.

Every foot moves in unique ways, and everyone suffers when that movement is restricted. This is why we’ve dedicated everything we do to creating ALINE insoles.

With ALINE in your shoes, the world is your playground.

Our mission is simple.
We live to help you move better..
feel better…
perform better!