ALINE Insoles Gain Traction in Winter Sports Shops Across the Nation

Marblehead, MA - From the Western Rockies to Northern New England, ALINE shops keep reporting growing numbers in wintersports. As ALINE-to-boot attachment rates rise, and as customers pick up second and third pairs for everyday wear, reorders continue to roll in. I've been working with the ALINE product for about 3 seasons now and it keeps getting better for the customer and the store. It's easy to fit, easy to explain to the customer and best of all easy to train new bootfitters to use. Every boot that is sold in our store goes out with an ALINE in it, no exceptions! -Ron Morehead, General Manager, FourMountain Sports, Snowmass, CO ALINE Systems is the designer and producer of the "BFAST" foot suspension insole system, which allows natural lower leg alignment and a more balanced stride. Since its inception in 2006, ALINE has continued to grow in popularity among pro and amateur athletes alike. One of ALINE's top accounts is Ski Rack in Burlington, Vermont. Ski Rack is the 2008 SIA New England Shop of Year, and has been consistently honored by Ski and Skiing Magazines as one of the nation's best ski shops. Ski Rack has been with ALINE since the beginning and seen a stratospheric rise in sales and customer satisfaction: "ALINE has been our go-to insole for the past three years. And things are even better with the new RED version due to its lower volume, improved contours, and lighter weight. We sell it on every floor (run, bike, ski, board) and no ski boot gets a boot-fit guarantee without one. It simply works and outperforms everything else I've experienced in the boot/shoe world, and that says a lot." -Matt Manser, Ski Rack "We keep gaining in word of mouth, because ALINE's technology is just that far ahead of everyone else" says Derek Carroll, president of ALINE, "As the ALINER device proves, only ALINE insoles allow the body to achieve optimal health and performance. We invite everyone to see for themselves." The ALINE insole system benefits athletes of all abilities by optimizing their foot and lower leg alignment to stop excessive pronation and other misalignments. The laser-assisted "ALINER" device quickly and easily measures foot size and ankle/knee position. In just minutes, the athlete can see exactly where his or her alignment should be. And the ALINE suspension insoles allow this optimization to occur naturally. For more on ALINE, visit or call 800-736-9005.

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