ALINE Athletes Shine at XGAMES World Tour: Jake Brown Makes History with Ollie720

The XGAMES is still rolling full steam on their world tour! That gives well ALINEd athletes more opportunities to show their stuff, develop new tricks, and keep bending the laws of physics on a global stage. ALINE has managed to grab quite a few top spots over the years, but this year we have really been killin' it. Check these results from the games that just ended a day ago - and don't forget to take a look at the incredible history making moves by ALINEd Skateboarder, Jake Brown who CRUSHED the competition by landing the first ever Ollie720 in Big Skate Air

(Jake Brown w ALINE Co-Founder Gordon Hay) (Jake Brown w ALINE Co-Founder Gordon Hay)

So once again, a huge congratulations to all of the competitors! This list of amazing accomplishments continues to prove that when you perform in proper ALINEment, you can achieve your competitive goals - worldwide.

BMX Park
Pat Casey - Silver
Dennis Enarson - Bronze 
Bmx Dirt
Brandon Dosch - Silver
Ryan Nyquist - Bronze
BMX Vert
Coco Zurita - Silver
Steve McCann - Bronze
BMX Big Air
Zack Warden - Gold
Morgan Wade - Bronze
Sk8 Big Air
Bob Burnquist - Gold
Elliot Sloan - Silver
Jake Brown - Bronze
Mens Sk8 Park 
Pedro Barros - Gold
Rune Giberg - Silver
Ben Hatchell - Bronze
Mens Sk8 Vert
Bucky Lasek - Gold
Sandro Dias - Silver
Marcelo Bastos - Bronze
Womans Street
Leticia Bufani - Gold
Lacey Baker - Silver
Mens Enduro Cross
Cody Web - Silver
David Knight - Bronze
Womens Enduro
Tarah Geiger - Bronze
Moto X Speed & Style
Mat Rebeaud - Bronze
Moto Step Up
Ronnie Renner - Silver
Moto Freestyle
Taka Higashiro - Gold
Wes Agee - Bronze