IMG Academy NFL Combine Trainees Use ALINE Insoles on the Field

Eric Reid LSU

IMG Academy Former LSU safety Eric Reid gets his ALINE analysis from President and Founder, Derek Carroll Posted: February 04, 2013


Competing in sports at the highest level takes its toll on the human body, especially the knees, ankles and feet. Years of hammering, pivoting, and pressure frequently result in lower body misalignment. This misalignment correlates to a significant increase in leg and lower back injuries. Enter IMG Academy performance sponsor: ALINE. ALINE’s patented insole technologies were developed over twenty years of research with the everyday athlete to the world-class athlete. While athletes of all levels may be familiar with the concept of a customized insoles or orthotics, few recognize the difference an ALINE can make.

According to President and Founder of ALINE, Derek Carroll, using a customized insole is like “putting a cast around the foot, keeping it the same. We want the foot to go backwards and regain its natural shape again. Once unlocked, the ankle, knee and the body wants to realign itself.” ALINE’s dynamic bFAST® Foot Suspension Technology™ enables athletes’ arches to reshape and align for better overall performance.

ALINE provides its expertise in lower body alignment analysis to athletes, educating them on their bio-mechanics and how to improve and increase their performance levels. Recently, Carroll and his team visited IMG Academy to work with this year’s NFL Combine Training class of more than 40 top prospects. The best power position for these athletes is found when the body is perfectly aligned. This is essential for a defensive end wanting to explode off the line, or any NFL Combine trainee trying to shave that extra half of a second off their 40-yard dash.

“ALINE believes that the foot and its proper function is critical to the performance of athletes,” said ALINE President Derek Carroll. “Athletes who come to IMG Academy test their bodies to the limits, and ALINE is there to help them perform. A misaligned lower body reduces an athlete’s control and performance, and leads to increased wear and tear on the body. We are here to try and reduce that wear and tear and enable athletes to continue improving and thriving.”