ALINE Insoles Joins IMG Academy As Insert Provider

Bradenton, Fla. (September 13, 2012) - ALINE Systems, the leading producer of Foot Suspension Systems, has teamed up with IMG Academy as the exclusive foot services provider to the world-renowned education and sports training institution. ALINE will establish a presence at IMG Academy to provide state-of-the-art laser alignment analysis and performance footwear solutions to the countless youth, adult, collegiate and professional athletes who call the campus their training home. IMG Academy’s athletes and coaches will also play a role in the development and testing of new ALINE product innovations.

“We are committed to providing our athletes access to the most cutting-edge technology to maximize their performance potential,” said Trevor Moawad, Director of Athletic and Personal Development at IMG Academy. “ALINE’s onsite presence will offer our athletes not only advanced footwear solutions, but also invaluable biomechanical feedback that can help them perform at their best while taking steps to prevent injury.”

ALINE’s dynamic bFAST® Foot Suspension Technology™ enables athletes’ arches to reshape and align for better overall performance. ALINE provides lower body alignment analysis to athletes, educating them on their biomechanics and how to improve. ALINE’s Foot Suspension Systems are used by PGA Tour Pros, NFL players, Olympic Champions, X Games winners and much more. They feature ‘suspension zones’ that allow one’s feet to move more naturally, maintaining proper alignment through any range of motion.

“I believe that the foot and its proper function is critical to the performance of athletes,” said ALINE President Derek Carroll. “IMG Academy athletes test their bodies to the limits, and ALINE is there to help them perform.  A misaligned lower body reduces an athlete’s control and performance, and leads to increased wear and tear on the body. There’s no better place than IMG Academy to examine the needs of youth athletes and to contribute to their ongoing development.”

ALINE joins a growing roster of IMG Academy performance sponsors like Under Armour, Gatorade, TRX, Power Plate and SPRI. With more than 30,000 youth, adult, collegiate and professional athletes passing through its campus annually, IMG Academy is the ideal research ‘lab’ for performance technology. A critical number of serious youth athletes training year-round provides an even more attractive environment for performance companies looking to understand the habits and needs of a budding population.


ALINE's patented insole technologies were developed with the help of thousands of people, from X Games athletes to NFL Teams to PGA Tour Pros to Olympians. ALINE’s are not an insole, a foot bed, nor an orthotic device. Instead, ALINE’s are a foot alignment and support system that positions and suspends the foot inside a sports shoe or boot for maximum efficiency and power transfer. Their unique foot suspension system benefits athletes of all abilities by optimizing their foot and lower leg alignment to stop excessive pronation and other misalignments.

About IMG Academy

IMG Academy is the world’s leading integrated academic and athletic training establishment. For more than 30 years, IMG Academy has helped countless youth, adult, collegiate and professional athletes realize their full potential in life and in sport.

Today, the Bradenton, Fla.-based campus attracts 30,000 athletes from nearly 100 countries annually. IMG Academy offers youth camp and academy programs in a variety of sports, as well as athletic and personal areas of development. Additionally, IMG Academy offers training programs for professional athletes, teams and leagues from around the world.

The ALINE insole system benefits athletes of all abilities by optimizing their foot and lower leg alignment to stop excessive pronation and other misalignments. The laser-assisted "ALINER" device quickly and easily measures foot size and ankle/knee position. In just minutes, the athlete can see exactly where his or her alignment should be. And the ALINE suspension insoles allow this optimization to occur naturally. For more on ALINE, visit or call 800-736-9005.

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