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As an ALINE provider, you help people move better, feel better, and live better lives. ALINE was founded to enable better movement and empower more active lifestyles.

We have created a system that will help you address and assess lower-body misalignment. Worn and trusted by athletes in the NFL, PGA Tour, Olympics, and X Games, the ALINE insole is proven to better the movement of your body.

Expand your patient experience and improve outcomes by offering ALINE and start changing lives.
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ALINE Technology

ALINE insoles are the product of years of biomechanical research and were granted multiple patents. The goal is to activate the patients' barefoot function in shoes.

Dr. Joe Lennon on ALINE in his Practice

ALINE Laser Assessment System

A New Fast and Effective Tool for Your Practice 

The ALINE systems gives you a new tool to assess lower body alignment.  The system slows you and more importantly, your patients their alignment.  This simple visual tool engages patients in their care and shows them the effectiveness of the ALINE insoles.  The system also allows you to customize the ALINE by using the small easy to install TABs into the ALINE.    

ALINE Impacts on LE Alignment

Prepared by Brian Bachelder, PhD

Eight hundred and eighty three healthy, active participants were assessed by fifty three licensed medical providers. All of the medical providers completed an assessment certification course and received a competency based passing score. lower extremity alignment characteristics found pre-insole matched closely to those documented in current literature. 10.20% of those assessed had a natural neutral LE alignment. Post-insole results framed a significant improvement in both ankle and knee alignment. 77% were observed to have a neutral LE alignment following fit and customization of the ALINE Foot Suspension insert. 100% showed some degree of alignment improvement following the introduction of the ALINE inserts.

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Dr. Matt Penny

"ALINE insoles have been a game changer from the first day we started in my clinic"

Dr. Sean Leatherman

“ I call it, The Anti-Orthotic! The results I have obtained with the ALINE Insoles have been dramatic and profound."

Melanie Snyder

"ALINEs far surpass any other product out there for my patients and myself"

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