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Giving Back to End Hunger

At the heart of ALINE is a passion for people to live better quality lives!

At ALINE we believe one of the greatest problems facing families today is food insecurity. In 2018, an estimated 1 in 9 Americans were food insecure, equating to over 37 million Americans, including more than 11 million children.

That is why we have teamed up with local food pantries to assist those in our communities experiencing hunger. We work with local charities who are committed to providing nutritious food through innovative distribution programs. Many offer nutrition education and recipes for healthy living.

 We believe that by supporting local organizations we can create a direct benefit.

We're on a Mission

Helping fight food insecurity locally across America.

Extensive research reveals food insecurity is a complex problem. Many people do not have the resources to meet their basic needs, challenges which increase a family’s risk of food insecurity. Though food insecurity is closely related to poverty, not all people living below the poverty line experience food insecurity and people living above the poverty line can experience food insecurity.

Together, we can help

This is a list of organizations from across the country that we support. Find one that is local to you or that you want to support and by using the coupon associated with the organization at checkout we will donate 5% of your sale directly to the selected organization.

Together we can help our communities and our customers stay safe and healthy!