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In order to better assist you, please choose from the two options below. A callback is usually sufficient to resolve most issues. if you prefer a detailed discussion with one of our alignment experts, schedule an in-depth meeting.

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Do I need an In Depth Meeting?

Buying an insole can be confusing. Why your feet, legs, hips and back hurt can also be confusing. Our experts have helped thousands of everyday people and professional athletes in one on one settings to solve this puzzle. We now offer you the same expertise with our new Quality Steps Program. Simply Choose the Schedule Now button for your Free Consultation ($50 Value)

On your call we can discuss your product choices, aches and pains while looking for the source, discuss your alignment, shoe selections, and discuss exercises that can help you be your best.

If you have a medical condition we can also connect you with one our over one thousand ALINE Certified Experts across the country that form our medical network.

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What Do I Need?

If you take a couple pictures of your feet and legs our expert can talk specifically about your needs. Just follow the simple instructions below to receive the most value from your free consultation.

  • Put on shorts or leggings. Leave your feet and ankles bare
  • Place your feet aiming straight ahead (like on skis) about hip-width apart
  • Bend your knees forward till you just can’t see your toes
  • Take a picture of your legs from toe to hip (Like the image below)
  • Take a picture of your feet (Like the image below).

If you have someone who can take the pictures, have them hold the camera about 12” off the ground to take the pictures. Be sure the image captures the knees like the sample image.

If you are alone, lean the camera against the wall with the front (selfie) camera facing you. Start the picture timer and step back. You will be able to see when you are set on the camera screen and wait for the snap.

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